Springtime Happiness! Feeling all happy & pink.

Bless the Lord! Today was the very first day of sun in about 7 months of deepest winter in Switzerland!  Since the beginning of last October it had been snowing and it had been freezing cold!
I was already getting all crazy and mad and my Italian body really craved for the sun.. and here it is! FINALLY!
I felt like I was waking up from hibernation this morning, I really couldn't believe that it was actually warm outside. So since I am on spring break, I felt really productive today.
First of all, I went jogging with my German shepherd called Tonack ("Tonac"), which you can see on the picture above.

I've been in a really happy and pink mood this morning, so this is what I wore:

Zara "Trafaluc" Top, Bree sports bra, Nike shoes "Free-Run", pink Apple Ipod Mini, Beats by Lady Gaga, Ray-Ban sunnies,  pink purse from Manor

Nike "Free Run"

I really fell in love with these shoes because it feels like walking/jogging on clouds. Moreover they look sporty in one way and in the other way stylish and cool, so that you can wear them also in your free time without doing any sports. And I absolutely adore the range of colors Nike offers for this shoes, it's just amazing. I'm a big big fan of "Free-Run"s. 

Beats by Lady Gaga

I got them from my boyfriend for Christmas last year, and I absolutely adore them! I think I'm gonna do another post dedicated to this earphones. They were about 140 Swiss Francs.

Ray-Ban sunnies

And then last but not least my new babys: Sunnies from Ray-Ban. Bought them in a small sunglasses-shop in a small village near Rimini last month, they were "only" about 120 euros.

Read this post to know more about my training program, and learn how to get a gap between your legs on a healthy way!

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