About a trip to Italy.

Hey my beautiful readers! This was actually supposed to be a really quick post about my trip to Italy and what I bought there, but it seems like I've got a lot of pictures haha..
Anyways, like I mentioned in my last post (here) I've been to Italy for a few days! We stayed at our relatives's house, but unfortunately, the weather was really bad.. So instead of shopping in the city of Milano, we went to a lovely shopping-mall instead.

About fall clothes.

Hey my beautiful readers! On the weekend I finally went shopping for autumn!
Most of the clothes I bought are from Zara - okay, basically all clothes I bought are from Zara.

Well this mostly has three reasons:
  • I'm a poor student who can't afford any expensive brands
    (Not that Zara is that inexpensive by the way - not at all.)
  • Where I live, there doesn't exist any Forever21 or anything. Our shops (which I actually can afford) are basically restricted to Tally Weijl, Zebra, H&M, Only, Zara, and. that's. it.
  • I don't like our Tally Weijl and Zebra and Only that much to be honest.
  • Pants from H&M don't fit me most of the time. 
So how you might have recognized - it's quite hard to shop for me here! Haha - yes of course I'm over exaggerating a little bit, but in common I don't really like shopping in Switzerland. Because of the shops, yes, and also because here, everything is unbelievable (& unreasonable) expensive.

Well I will survive in the end. And note that I'm only talking about the place where I actually live.