About dungarees and its history.

This summer was or is all about dungarees. Since Switzerland isn't the most fashionable place on earth, or at least it's not as fashionable where I live, I searched long time for my perfect jeans dungarees.
But I finally found them! Although not in Switzerland - in Italy.

When I first wore them to school on Monday, right when school started again, everybody in my class looked at me like 'what the hell is she wearing'.  Like I already mentioned the place where I live is not fashionable in the original sense, you're like over-dressed with a pair of dungarees here, but honestly, I don't give a damn.

But - don't missunderstand me! There actually are people who dress very fashionable here too, just that everyone other doesn't understand that it is fashion then. Sounds a bit complicated maybe, to sum up I can say that if you don't want that people talk about you where I live, you better dress lovely but also really simple.

About summer days 2013.

I'm not a fan of studying during summer break, but this year I really had to learn something:

You don't always get what you want.

Well, to be honest, four weeks ago, right after I returned from my amazing trip to Paris, I didn't expect my holidays to turn out like this.

I had booked a beautiful hotel in the Toscana, and I had already made lots and lots of awesome plans with my friends.
But well, destiny doesn't always play by your rules, and so it happened that one day before my flight, a really close relative of mine fell into a deep coma. As you know I'm Italian, but I currently live in Zurich (Switzerland), so we had to cancel the flight and the hotel to drive to our relatives in Italy and support them. 
What followed were one or two (I don't really remember anymore) weeks spent at the hospital. There actually was only a little hope that she might wake up, but eventually, she didn't wake up anymore. She left us.

I'm actually feeling a bit weird to share these personal things on this blog, and I might delete this post in the future, but I wanted to let you know why I didn't blog for so long. Fact is - I haven't had any internet. Sorry.