About summer days 2013.

I'm not a fan of studying during summer break, but this year I really had to learn something:

You don't always get what you want.

Well, to be honest, four weeks ago, right after I returned from my amazing trip to Paris, I didn't expect my holidays to turn out like this.

I had booked a beautiful hotel in the Toscana, and I had already made lots and lots of awesome plans with my friends.
But well, destiny doesn't always play by your rules, and so it happened that one day before my flight, a really close relative of mine fell into a deep coma. As you know I'm Italian, but I currently live in Zurich (Switzerland), so we had to cancel the flight and the hotel to drive to our relatives in Italy and support them. 
What followed were one or two (I don't really remember anymore) weeks spent at the hospital. There actually was only a little hope that she might wake up, but eventually, she didn't wake up anymore. She left us.

I'm actually feeling a bit weird to share these personal things on this blog, and I might delete this post in the future, but I wanted to let you know why I didn't blog for so long. Fact is - I haven't had any internet. Sorry.

Well, this part of my holidays was really horrible, but eventually I have to admit that now that she's gone, she doesn't feel all the pain anymore. I hope she feels good where she is now.

But please - let's forget all this for a little moment. 

After returning from Italy, I felt even more tired than I was at school. I really needed a break from all this, so we decided to drive to Italy (yes, again), to spend four days at the sea.
We went to Cervia, which is quite close to Rimini. It's a really quiet and lovely place and you get to relax there. The sea isn't that beautiful like in the South of Italy, but it was okay.

The weather was terribly hot, around 40 degrees every day. Just one day it rained the whole day, so I went shopping. 

This is me in the sea. The picture was taken with an Iphone 4, and we really had to pay attention that it didn't fall into the water or something!

Books and a gelato can't miss at the beach, of course! 

So far about my shitty holidays. Time went by so fast - and now I'm already going to school again. This year will be a really important year, and I'm kind of nervous. 

I'm already working on a new post, it's probably going to be on the blog tomorrow or on Friday. It's a video, so stay tuned! 

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Stay tuned,

Love, Lory xx


  1. Toutes mes condoléances... J'espère que tu as quand même pu profiter de tes vacances! gros bisous xx

    1. Merci beaucoup ma chérie, oui, bien sûr j'ai essayé de profiter bien de mes vacances.
      Bisous! xoxoxo

  2. My condolences - I'm sorry about your relative but like you said, at least she's no longer in pain and is in a better place now.

    It looks like you enjoyed your vacation though! I've only ever been to Rome and Venice in Italy but I always wanted to take a month-long vacation there. There's so much to do and see in Italy!

    I hope you'll check out my blog - I always enjoy yours! I always appreciate bloggers who are creative on a budget and yours is one of the best I've found :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

    1. Thank you, and yes, she certainly is.

      I tried to enjoy it as much as I could, yes! Rome and Venice are both so beautiful places! You really should do this month-vacation, Italy is full of amazing places!

      Sure I check out your blog! Thank you so much for this adorable compliment!

      Love, Lory xoxo

  3. I love summer time.
    Tati Castillo

  4. these photos are amazing!




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