About a crop-top, and my long-awaited-freedom.

Oh I can already smell the summer holidays! Freedom! I can't even believe it, IT. IS. ALL. OVER! 
Today I had my last chemistry test and that's it for this school year, and I'm so overwhelmed, so happy I could cry! I didn't even know what to do with my spare time this evening! Okay well maybe I did. I searched for something to wear for my boyfriend's diploma celebration on Thursday, which was more difficult than expected! 

Anyways, the conclusion of this post will definitely be: I need to go shopping! 

The color of success!

(Mint-) Green - the color of success, nature, life and luck! At least it's what Google says.
But one thing I know for sure: Because of its femininity and softness it's the perfect color for summer and spring!
This is absolutely my favorite color right now and I'm so happy I found some mint-green pants in Como (Italy) last week! 

And at this point I wanted to add the standart "Sorry for not posting that much, I was too busy with studying, school exaggerates it at the moment!" I'm glad the stress is more or less over for this week so that I can show you some (improvised and very bad - sorry for that) pictures of one of my mint-green outfits!