One shoe can change your life.

I'm so tired.. so exhausted! Today has been my first day of school after spring break, and I guess it hadn't been quite a good idea to stay up until 1:30 o'clock last night. Just that my problem is that I totally can't fall asleep the night before school starts after a holiday! Moreover it won't stop raining and I absolutely hate rain (mainly because my properly straightened hair gets curly again then)... Just thinking that I have to wake up at 5 o'clock tomorrow.. ugh.
This semester will be quite hard and long, we've got a lot of important exams and projects to finish, and I totally get butterflies in my stomach by just thinking about it.

It has been the first day of school - And I'm already stressed. Awesome Lory, awesome.

However, I'm really looking forward to summer - and summer holidays. During the last two or three weeks I've been shoe-shopping a lot, and here you can see my favorite Guess, Zara, Nike etc. sneakers/heels for this summer!

Tiger, Denim Vest, best Boyfriend on earth


Today was quite a warm day, I went to my boyfriend's house and we had dinner with his parents.. I wanted to be comfortable but chic, so I wore my favorite black pants from Zara, a tank-top, a denim vest and heels. 

Here you can see the whole ensemble: 

Summer is loading.

After spending hours and hours at the shopping mall ON A SATURDAY AFTERNOON, I was glad I was still alive and safe. There were SO MANY people there, I barely could breathe!
As I'm not the tallest girl, everyone hit me with their bag and so on and I'm sure I've got some new bruises... But hey, what's better than standing half an hour at a queue at the H&M store, to try on a bunch of new bikinis.. sweating like hell? I barely can imagine something more satisfying.. Ha Ha. 

But however, after trying on seven different bikinis, I FINALLY found two I liked! The one on the left is not as orange as it seems on the picture, but more of a salmon color. The other one is "azzurro", how we would call it in Italian. ;-)

Which one do you like better? 

About lace, gold, and a rainy Sunday.

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It's literally raining since three days non-stop. Today we went to my uncle because of his birthday, and this what I wore. The pants are actually really stretch and comfortable and I'm in love with the golden zippers. 

Life is better in summer!

"Home is where your heart is."
And the sea is where my heart is.

I'm totally missing summer and my little Italian heart is craving for the beach and the sea and the Italian surrounding!
So this is why I searched this quite "old" pictures from last autumn in Italy, at my grandparents place.
So this was about half a year ago from now, and while it was already snowing in Switzerland there it was still quite warm.

First sunny Sunday, spent at the lake of Zurich

After feeling all sporty this morning (see this and this post from this morning), I spent the rest of my day at the Lake of Zurich with my boyfriend.
I really enjoyed it because it has been the first warm day in more than half a year, and there were loads and loads of people (like always) in Zurich, and it was quite difficult to find a place near the sea to sit down.
But finally we found a little bench, so that we could enjoy our "Cool Lime" drink from Starbucks

Springtime Happiness Part 2!

So if you've seen my last post about my cheerfulness this morning, you may imagine me as a quite sporty and healthy girl, who loves to run on a sunny Sunday morning.

So here's the truth:

Springtime Happiness! Feeling all happy & pink.

Bless the Lord! Today was the very first day of sun in about 7 months of deepest winter in Switzerland!  Since the beginning of last October it had been snowing and it had been freezing cold!
I was already getting all crazy and mad and my Italian body really craved for the sun.. and here it is! FINALLY!
I felt like I was waking up from hibernation this morning, I really couldn't believe that it was actually warm outside. So since I am on spring break, I felt really productive today.
First of all, I went jogging with my German shepherd called Tonack ("Tonac"), which you can see on the picture above.

I've been in a really happy and pink mood this morning, so this is what I wore: