Life is better in summer!

"Home is where your heart is."
And the sea is where my heart is.

I'm totally missing summer and my little Italian heart is craving for the beach and the sea and the Italian surrounding!
So this is why I searched this quite "old" pictures from last autumn in Italy, at my grandparents place.
So this was about half a year ago from now, and while it was already snowing in Switzerland there it was still quite warm.

I can't explain in words what I feel when my feet step on the beach, and when I can smell the salt air. And I feel at home. Finally.

My hair was quite shiny at this day, and it looks like it would have a red shade, but it hasn't. My hair is actually dark brown. And only brown. Meanwhile it's pretty much longer than on this pictures.

Zara Pants, Jacket and Pullover, Oviesse Shoes
I'm wearing black Zara jeans (and stockings underneath), dark grey Oviesse shoes, a Zara leather Jacket and a grey Zara pullover plus a Swarovski bracelet with an "L".

The cure for anything is salt water: Sweat, Tears, or the sea.


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  3. I'm so with you, summer is breathing in fresh air.

    Love the outfit, those black tones are so fresh!

    Hope you are well, take care xx

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