First sunny Sunday, spent at the lake of Zurich

After feeling all sporty this morning (see this and this post from this morning), I spent the rest of my day at the Lake of Zurich with my boyfriend.
I really enjoyed it because it has been the first warm day in more than half a year, and there were loads and loads of people (like always) in Zurich, and it was quite difficult to find a place near the sea to sit down.
But finally we found a little bench, so that we could enjoy our "Cool Lime" drink from Starbucks

"Cool Lime" Drinks from Starbucks
I love Starbucks, in winter and in summer. I especially like the refreshing ice-teas they have, like on the picture. I think it's really sympathic that they write your name on the cup, with smileys and hearts. I think it's really cute and it makes you smile and maybe also a little bit forget about the exaggerated prize Starbucks has in Switzerland.
P.S. : I'm addicted to their dark chocolate cookies, they're from heaven!

I wanted to wear something casual but cute, so this is what I chose today:

Bag from Iper (Italy), Ray-Ban sunnies, Zara (Trafaluc) jacket, Graceland Ballerinas, Zara Pants, Zara Tee (Webcollection), Alessandro Nail Polish, Manor & Sixteen bracelets

It has been so comfortable, the shirt is really airy and loose, the pants fit perfectly and ballerinas were a perfect replacement for my winter boots. I felt so good today! My long brown hair was straight and open, and the light wind always blew them off my face.
Moreover I'm totally in love with the Zara jacket!
Alessandro Nail Polish
Love this Nail Polish, it's a mix of red and orange, and it looks really fruity and summer. In addition to this it stays very long on your nails.

Zara Webcollection Tee
This is my new favorite tee! It's all loose and comfortable, and I totally adore the shape of it, because on the sides the shirt is longer than the rest. So it looks like a converse "U".

No-Name Bag from Iper (Italy)
This is a no-name bag, nevertheless it's one of my favorites because it's so simple and yet really chic. I love the six golden studds per side, and the matt black color of the bag!

My favorite jacket of all times! It looks simple and classy and it's so comfortable! Totally in love with the combination of olive green, black leather and gold zippers!

So this is what I wore today!


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    1. Thank you! I added a follow button on my sidebar on the left, I'd be really happy if you followed me :D
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  2. Such a cute bag and jacket!

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  3. Really nice post! Nice blog! I'm following now. Hope you have a look at mine too!

  4. Cool! Great pictures as well!
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  5. Love the way these pictures are shot!! We don't have Starbucks in South Africa unfortunately:(

    1. thank you dear! :)

      Oh :( Did you ever try it somewhere else? I really love it, but in Switzerland it's so exaggerated expensive!

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