Springtime Happiness Part 2!

So if you've seen my last post about my cheerfulness this morning, you may imagine me as a quite sporty and healthy girl, who loves to run on a sunny Sunday morning.

So here's the truth:

  • I'm in fact quite sporty, but I absolutely hate running. I'm quite a lazy person when it comes to jogging, especially in the early morning. I really don't have a talent for jogging (Yes, there are people with that talent and that passion!) but what I have is a will.
  • I practice ice-skating and maybe it doesn't look so, but it's one of the hardest sports ever. I really need to improve my endurance and get more and more stretchable, and this is why I kick myself in the ass everytime. I force myself to get up and actually do something for my body.
  • I love food and I could eat the whole day long... especially chocolate, fast food and sweetened drinks. But again: I force myself to drink a lot of water, because that is what our body needs. Lately I reduced the amount of fast food and chocolate in my life... not because I'd be worried of gaining weight or something... just because I feel like I exaggerated a bit lately. But I'm not on a diet. Never.

But what I originally planned to tell you with this post, is: On the picture above I put together a little training program for the legs. I do this everyday, and for me it really works.

So if you wish a gap between your legs for summer, I advise you to go jogging a lot, to do this exercises on the picture above daily, to drink a lot of water and reduce your amount of fast food and chocolate! You don't need a "cigarettes-diet" or something to get you dream-body.

You just have to live healthy.. And maybe also a little bit sporty.

"Train insane or stay the same."

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