NYFW 2013 meets Bollywood! One of my favorite collections this season.

Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig, Designers of Marchesa, present a totally new tendency of fashion on New York Fashion Week 2013: India's style!
Their collection is based on the colors dark red, white and dark blue. All of the outfits are decorated with golden elements, which is really Indish, but also really elegant and classy.
I fell in love with this spring collection, and those dresses which emphasize the women's curves without being too snugly.
The shapes of the dresses are really extraordinary, and it is finally a fashion line which you actually can wear.
Thumbs up for Marchesa on NYFW 2013.

Although I’m in love with almost all outfits this year, this one above catched especially my eye.
I’m so in love with the ornaments, which probably were inspired by the indishhenna tatoos. 
The shape of the dress reminds me more of an dancer dress, like they wear it in some dance competitions.
It’s sexy and classy in the same time, and it looks really precious.

Now it's YOUR turn! Leave your opinion in the comments! 

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