Streetstyle NYFW 2014 - Wear or Tear?

Hey my lovely friends! So I know that style or fashion is a really subjective thing - I might like really different styles, looks or colors than you do. I personally think that fashion has to be provocative to succeed and to really stand out - provocative, yes. But not in a way of dressing like my grand-mother (though she's a really fashionable Lady!), but much more in a way that leaves you speechless when you see it. I mean I'm a big fan of shocking outfits, or shocking make-up or whatever - as long as it suits you. As long as the look looks authentic and real on the person who wears it. (Don't get me wrong - I'd be the first one telling you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. But I guess you agree with me that some outfits will in fact look simply ridiculous.)

So scrolling through some Street-Style photos from the New York Fashion Week 2014, I found some really, let's call them "special-looking" shoots. So take a look and let me know what you think!

So let's start with these two photos above here. Speaking about shocking style - these two outfits really do shock me, but not in a positive way at all. Of course I'm a big fan of oversized grey coats and fake-fur accessorizes - but why on earth do "fashionistas" wear clothes that makes them look more masculine than The Rock?
Personally speaking I believe that even oversized pieces can look flattering on you if you pair them in the right way - but hey, you can't tell me that this horrible grey carpet looks attractive. Do you?

Talking about shoes... I can't help but thinking about my primary teacher when I see the leathern boots from the first picture above (she used to wear them all the time). Not that I don't like these shoes, I just think that they don't look good with this airy three-quarter-pants. 

So in my eyes, these two outfits make their owner's body look really disproportionally. They somehow remind me of clowns.

Now let's continue talking about layering:

Layering is perfection. It makes winter-outfits so comfortable, yet really chic and sometimes also really edgy and interesting.
So although I really do like the Stella McCartney Bag from the first picture (three photos above) and I also really like her hat and her red coat, I can't help but admitting that for me, she looks like a chimney sweep. (And I don't even want to mention her boots.)

Looking at the next picture (two photos above) I don't really know anymore if layering really is perfection. For me, the girl on the right looks like she'd come here in her pyjama (though I have to say that I like the cut of her coat and the hopefully fake-fur detail).

And now to the last picture above.. well. I basically love the concept of the outfit. I really do. The bright colors of the coat and the beanie are amazing in my opinion. But the rest? The rest looks like she went searching for clothes in my great-grandmother's closet.

Same here. A flowery skirt with grey stockings and this hair-style looks like a nerd. And I know that the nerdy/masculine look is totally in, but again - I honestly believe that you can dress like that and still look fabulous, if you do it right.

So last but not least I'd like to talk with you about some single pieces: 

First of all these pants with these heels. Ignoring the foolish patches, it really bothers me that the bottom of the pants is so wide. I just don't think it suits the heels that much.

Second are these boots. Need I say more?

I really don't know what to think of this carneval-pyjama-pants as well.

And lastly also the famous blogger Chiara Ferragni deserves a place in this post. Honestly I think that this cape looks good on her. Really, I think it's nice and bright and definitely an eye-catcher because she paired it with no other color than black. But looking specificly at the cape, it somehow reminds me of a carpet. And Chiara definitely looks like the Little Red Riding Hood!

In conclusion I'd like to mention that in my eyes, you can wear whatever you want if you can sell it well. I know and I understand that fashion and style has to be "different", somehow special and new. And I know that lots of these pieces are considered as art, as chic, as fashionable.

Of course can fashion help you making a statement - exactly like make-up does.
But in the end, I don't see the sense of putting make-up on that makes you look worse than you are.

So let me know - would you wear or tear these looks? What do you think about them?

Looking forward to your comments/opinions!

Lots of love,

Lory. xxxxxx

*please note that this is an opinion. You don't have to agree.
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  1. agree with every bits of your words in this post
    intresting post dear

  2. I don't like too much :/


  3. I think the looks are very special in they one way. As for me i wouldn't wear all of this looks.
    But some are really nice.

    x Lori

    1. Well "special" is definitely the right word to describe it! xx

  4. These looks aren't exactly my cup of tee, I like to see them on other people but it's just a bit too extravagant for me but great post sweety x

    New post on:

    1. Thank you dear! And the outfits are really extravagant! xxx

  5. Some of those looks are just to freaky for me xD
    But I love Chiara's LV cape. It's perfect :)

  6. Of course! Just followed you on GFC and Bloglovin! Waiting for you now! xx I wish you a lot of success! xx

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    1. Thank you so much dear, I wish you a lot of success as well!
      Of course! xx

  7. Amazing! A lot of inspiration!

  8. Love this post! Ofcourse I would like to follow eachother!
    I'm now following you through GFC! Your turn ;-)

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  10. OMG, I love all streetstyles... especially all the coats :)

  11. I don't like some of the outfits, but there are another ones that are great for a fashion week!

  12. I agree with the stepping out of your comfort zone bit! I love experimenting with clothes and trying new clothes before other people as well! And yes i would love to follow each other and im following u on gfc now :)

  13. Oh lovely post! I love the jacket in the second picture. And the Little Red Riding Hood ´jacket` looks so warm and stylish:)

  14. To wear!! lovely post

  15. What a great post!!!

  16. Amazing pictures! Following you now, hope you will visit my blog and follow as well <3

  17. I like your post and I agree with you! Sometimes "stylish" people look very strange and...not so perfect as everyone thinks!

    Hope you have some time to visit my new blog! :)
    Good luck!

  18. great pictures!

  19. Nice post! Some I really like, but some are really awful. The green shoes? Are you kidding me? :)

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