About leather Jackets and A&F sweaters.

Well my lovely readers, I don't know about you. But where I live, it seems to be an impossible thing for men to find the right clothes or the right style. You will see a lot of young male citizens walking around in dirty old sneakers, baggys, trainer pants and an extra-long tee. Not because they wouldn't have the money to buy new shoes at least once in a year - no. They see shopping as a waste of time (and money) and they don't care about the way they look at all. 
And please not that I'm just talking about things I lately observed in my environment (and it isn't only true for men!).

Personally I think that that's a shame. I love it when guys know what looks good on them, I love it when they take care of their clothes, and I love it when guys try to be up to date when it comes to fashion. Of course it doesn't have to be in an exaggerated way, but I guess you know what I mean.
So I'm glad to be able to present you my dear guest! I think of doing a whole section on my blog dedicated to male fashion, so let's start with this outfit of the day!

Zara Leather Bomber Jacket
Abercrombie&Fitch Sweater
It's a really casual outfit for an (unbelievable) cold day. I honestly believe that the leathern Bomber Jacket from Zara makes the difference to this actually really simple look. 
And one thing I just simply adore are dark-blue A&F sweaters for guys. You can never go wrong with them!
Zara Leather Bomber Jacket
Absolutely in love with the quilted details!

Nike Sneakers
So in the beginning of this post I already mentioned the dirty, old, terrible sneakers I often observe here. You know what I don't understand? Clothes or any other things can look perfectly new after years if you take care of them! Clean, polish, scrub your shoes guys! Look at where you walk, like, don't walk into dirt or whatever. It seems a natural thing to do, but I see so many people who just don't bother their loafers and it literally drives me mad! 
Because no one of you can deny that neat shoes will always look elegant, fresh and well-kept!

And talking about that, take a look of the Nike shoes above. You know how old they are? More than half a year!

Believe me, they basically look new!

Zara Jeans

So that's it with the completed look!

I'm looking forward to your comments/opinions!

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  1. Great menswear look!
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  2. Ohh loove the leather jacket

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  3. Love a good leather jacket and a stylish man! Great post on menswear!

    xo Deborah
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  4. That's so funny guys where you live don't pay attention to fashion! Where I live I think it's the opposite. Definitely some stylish guys around...not all of them but a good amount.

    Leather jackets are always fashionable. :)


    1. I wish I lived in such a place like you! :p Yes they definitely are :) x

  5. Hey! Love your blog, and thanks for comment in mine! I really love this leather jacket.
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  6. Love the jacket! :) You're right about the men, they should care at least a little bit about their look... -.- haha :)


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  8. Well I know what you mean, even I have seen a lot of males dressed in the clothes which don't suit them at all..
    Those sneakers are fab
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  9. hi! Love a leather jacket, this is perfect!
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  12. Nice look! I love to wear comfy outfits too.

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    1. Thank you honey! Have a Happy Valentines day as well! xxx

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