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Hey there! First of all thank you so much for visitting my blog. Once you're here don't forget to follow me with GFC and BLOGLOVIN', and tell me so that I can follow you back!

It's always nice to know the blogger who sits behind the other side of your notebook a little bit more, so here I am.

Like it says on my sidebar, my name is Loredana, but please, call me Lory. I'm currently living in Zurich (Switzerland), but I'm South-Italian. Or better: I'm from Napoli.

I'm a student with an urge to write, read and shop. I'm a dreamer, and I'm in love with fashion and sketching. My aim is to study fashion and journalism once.

Being a student I don't have any money, so that I can't afford buying expensive brands. I dream about Birkin and Céline bags, Michael Kors watches and Chanel dresses.. but at the moment, they have to stay dreams. There is worst in the end.
But basically this is what my blog "No money for High Fashion" is about.

Well.. I have a weakness for beautiful and sad quotes, golden bracelets and mint-green clothes.
I'm a beach-kid, summer-lover, and I laugh a lot.
I absolutely hate the cold, nevertheless I'm an ice-skater. Well played life, well played.

My addiction to fashion as an art developped two years ago in Paris. My aunt moved there in 2011, and she's living at the Champs Elysée since then. When I first went to visit her I fell in love with Paris and its people. Wherever I looked I found inspiration, and this is what made me love art and mode so much.

So this is it.
Read, Comment, Leave your links.

With lots of love,
Lory. xxx


  1. Great way to introduce yourself Lory. Hope your dream to study fashion and journalism comes true!

    Yazzy :)


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