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«Study - Train - Eat - Sleep - Repeat»

Well that was my (rather involuntary) motto of the last weeks.. My days were - and still are - totally stressing, full, tiring... and just exhausting. But yeah, I guess that's what you get when you try to pair college and ice-skating.
Anyways, I'm back! Once again.
Of course I'm really sorry for my absence, so don't worry, I'm still alive and I'm fine.

At this point I wish I could tell you that a LOT happened in the time I didn't blog anymore.. but well, truth is - all that really happened is that now - it is officially winter. Time for hibernation!

Today, I really wanted to shoot an outfit post, but it was darker than dark outside so that I really got frustrated! Well, then I decided that I should do an alternative post, and show you what I carry around in my bag most of the time!

I've never done this sort of post before, but I always enjoyed reading other bloggers' posts about their bags, so I hope you will as well. :)

So that's what I usually - as in a daily basis - carry around in my bag. As you can see, I really have a weakness for the color pink.

I always like to have a magazine and the book I'm reading at the moment with me.
Right now, the book I'm reading is: "The Tennis Party" from Sophie Kinsella, writing as Madeleine Wickham.

I loved Sophie Kinsella for her Shopaholic books (which I've all read several times and I still think they're hilarious) and I didn't realize that when she's writing as "Madeleine Wickham" (her real name) the writing style is completely different. Like, completely.

Iphone 5S (white/silver)
Coco Chanel Parfum "Madmoiselle"
First of all let me introduce you to my new baby - the white/silver Iphone 5S! I've had the Iphone 4 for three years, and in the last months it got so incredibly slow that it really drove me crazy!
So here it is, the Iphone 5S.. all I can say is that I'm completely and utterly in love.

Then, on the left on the picture above you can see my favorite parfum of all time - Chanel's "Madmoiselle". 

White/Silver Iphone 5S
Really small H&M 'bag'
I actually bought this really small, pink "bag" at H&M, and I love it! I like its pattern, its color, and how it is transparent in between. Usually I store my bobbypins and hair elastics in it so that I'm able to find them in my bag.
Moreover I use to wear lots and lots of rings and I tend to get tired of them through the day, so I put them in there too - otherwise I will lose them for sure.

Revlon Lipglosses
Well.. I actually don't use to wear lipgloss, but sometimes I get this weird urge to put it on my lips, and so I always carry around these two lovely colors with me.

No-Name Pink Purse
(Monster) Beats by Lady Gaga
Ipod Nano in pink
Two things i absolutely adore in one picture: The color pink and Lady Gaga!
The main reason why I chose this purse is that it is neon pink - so I'm immediately able to find it in my rather chaotic bag!
Furthermore I'm a big fan of the Monster Beats by Lady Gaga (aren't these studds amazing?) My boyfriend gave them to me last Christmas. :)

KIKO make-up bag
"Japanese Cherry Blossom" Hair & Nail cream - The Body Shop
This. cream. smells. like. heaven.

Ray Ban sunnies
I actually don't really know why I carry my sunnies with me since it is winter and there ain't no sun - but well, I just do.
Little bag - H&M
Hair & Nail cream - The Body Shop
Lipstick - Bebe
Iphone 5S case - Diesel

Elle Magazine
Iphone 5S case - Diesel
So that's basically what's in my bag on a daily basis!

Thanks so much for reading and looking through this post, I'm already looking forward to your comments/opinions! 

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Oh and if you read until here, I just wanted to let you know that you're amazing. Thank you so much.

Lots of love, Lory xxxxx


  1. Nice and cool things in your bag :)
    - Take a look on my blog

    Love from Line

  2. Winter really makes it difficult to shoot outfits and also lazy to blog..
    U accommodate so much in your bag.. :o
    Loved your glosses
    Happy Sunday
    Keep in touch,

  3. Ahh I'm getting a new phone this month and I've also had the iPhone 4 the past three years. Is the iPhone 5s really good? I've been trying to decide between that and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.
    Also welcome back to blogging - Great post to return with! :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

    1. I love the 5s! Okay maybe that's because I'm an Iphone-Kid all the way! But I think this phone is just so elegant and I just love how fast it is (compared to the iphone4 anyways!) The only thing is that it comes with a few bugs and that's a bit sad.. They definitely have to fix some things for the next Iphone!

      Thanks dear, looove xx

  4. That's some nice stuffs to bring with you, but your bag must be a little big in size to store all of them.


    1. Thanks dear, and it definitely is. I just love big bags :)

  5. Y por todo esto los bolsos tiene que ser grandes jejeje me encanta tdo lo que llevas!

  6. Me ha encantado el post, un besito :)

  7. hello lorry, i just discovered your blog and your posts are soo much fun to read! im also a fan of chanel perfumes and TBS cherry blossom cream. :)
    im following you now, hope you also visit my blog and follow back :)xx

    Sadia Malik's Blog

    1. Thanks dear, that means a lot to me! I will follow you back for sure! x

  8. You have a beauty blog! I love it and this post! :)

  9. Great post sweetie!!!!!


  10. Thank you so much for this! I have not been this thrilled by a post for a long time! Youve got it, whatever that means in blogging. Anyway, Youre definitely somebody that has something to say that people should hear. Keep up the good work. Keep on inspiring the people!
    jeux de hulk

    1. Thank you so much my dear, that means the world to me!
      love, Lory xx

  11. Everything in your bag looks so pretty. I have the same perfume as you :)


  12. Hello girl! Beautiful blog! Great your photo :)

    Lets follow each other on GFC?)



  13. Love your post!!!!! :):) http://outsidefashioncatwalk.blogspot.com.es/

  14. Hi beautiful, I follow you on GFC ;) MUUAK http://outsidefashioncatwalk.blogspot.com.es/

  15. Hi, thanks for your comment. Follow you on GFC: I hope you follow me back.xx


  16. everything is cool



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