Liebster Award! Spread love! :)

So it is Wednesday evening, I'm freakin' tired and I'm looking forward to having a day off tomorrow! 
The weather here is miserable. I mean, it's a shame. It's almost June and everybody is walking around in boots and bomber jackets... it makes me sick. My veins need the sun.

Anyways, Danica just rised my mood, as she nominated me for a Liebster Award. Thanks so much Danica!

So since I'm feeling very social tonight, I thought I'd actually post about this. It's my second "award" I got, and although it is not a "real" one, it makes me happy to see that there are people who really notice and read me and my blog. It's an amazing feeling to be honest because I've only had this blog for a few weeks, and that's why I want to make 11 other people smile by nominating them in this post :) 
(I wish I could nominate you all!)

But first, I have to answer 11 questions asked by Danica. So here we go!

♡ What is your favourite color?
Mint green and pink :)

♡ Dogs or Cats?
Both. But I slightly prefer Dogs because I own a German Shepherd, and I love him so much!

 Most Favourite Book?
This one's difficult. I'm a freak when it comes to reading... But in the moment my favorite book serie is "confessions of a shopaholic" by Sophie Kinsella. These books are totally hilarious, fashionable and romantic!

 What is the Place you want to visit?

♡ Is your blog related with your life or work?

♡ What would you blog about your city?
I'd probably blog about an old ruin from where you have an amazing view over the whole town. It's my favorite place here in Switzerland!

 How do you plan your posts?
I don't plan them at all since I just blog when I find time.. Got a very stressful daily life at the moment, haha.

 What would you DIY?
Probably a studded shirt :)

♡ Do you have ambitions for your blog? If so, what are they?
I dream of being successful with this blog, but I know that I have still a long way to go :) I've just started this blog and I'm only 17, so I've got plenty of time :)

 What advice do you have for someone who wants to start a blog?
Well, the standart thing to say probably is: If you start a blog, you have to want it with all of your heart. If you really like blogging, you're going to make it!

But of course you have to do something for it, like:
-Go for a simple theme and be sure that your blog is always tidy 
-Blog regularly, even if you don't have much time (like me)
-Leave constructive, nice, friendly comments on other blogs!
-Make friends while blogging
-Stay true to yourself

 Do you write and photograph all your content?
If this question means if all the content of my blog is written and photographed by me, then: yes, it is.
I prefer blogs with own pictures and own content, because it's this which makes a blog interesting to read!

And the next thing I have to do is to write 11 facts about myself. So let's try this...

  • Fact 1: I always tend to write too much. I love writing, and whether in school or while writing a post.. Once I started writing I just can't stop.
  • Fact 2: I absolutely hate cold weather. I can't handle it, at no time of the year. Nevertheless I practice ice-skating, and I spend half of my week in a ice-cold, freezing ice-hall... even during summer.
  • Fact 3: I love lemons, and I love eating and biting them, though they are sour.
  • Fact 4: I'm an only child and I don't have any problems with that.
  • Fact 5: I dream about studying in New York
  • Fact 6: I'm proud to be Italian, I love everything about this country so much and somewhen I'll go back living there again :)
  • Fact 7: Many things in my life happen around the number "7". It's kind of creepy, the bus to my house is the number 7, our friends group consists of 7 people, at ice-skating competitions I usually start as the number 7, I use to look at my clock at 7:07 a.m, my favorite book serie consists of 7 books, and so on... Look around! The number 7 is everywhere!
  • Fact 8: I love eating, but I'm really picky when it comes to food.
  • Fact 9: I've had many many crushes, but when it got serious with them I always closed the door. I've only had one boyfriend in my life, and we're together since more than a year now :)
  • Fact 10: I don't like my legs, but I'd never go on a diet. I'm not strong enough for this.
  • Fact 11: My best friend and me, we named her first car "Frenky".
Yup. I tend to write too much and I'm seriously asking myself if somebody really reads all this haha..

However, here are the eleven questions I'd like to ask to the ones I nominate below:
  1. First thing that comes into your mind reading "Love".
  2. What is the thing you like best about your look?
  3. Describe yourself in five words.
  4. Favorite clothing brands?
  5. How many pairs of shoes do you have?
  6. Why or how did you start blogging?
  7. Are/were you a good student at school?
  8. Flats, Heels or Sneakers? Why?
  9. Your style icon.
  10. What is your favorite quote and why?
  11. How does a blog have to look for you to think it looks great? 

And last but not least, the eleven bloggers I nominate (under 200 followers):

You all have amazing blogs and I love reading them! Like I said in the beginning, I wish I could nominate all of you! I've just chosen a few under/round 200 followers! Take a look at them!

And I think it would be nice if the eleven ones I nominated would do the same post on their blog.. Spread love and make somebody smile, it's your chance :)

With love, Lory xoxo


  1. Favorite color is pink too haha and i'm also an animal lover :) I'm just started my blog this past weekend, and I do really love it so thanks for the encouragement :) I would love for you to check it out if you have time. :) Have a great day!
    Penny Rose

    1. Hey there sweetheart! Good luck with your blog! I definitely check it out right now :)
      Have an amazing day,
      xoxo, Lory

    2. Followed you
      Penny Rose

  2. Heey dear :)

    Nice blog !

    Maybe you like my blog and want to follow me ?

    I hope so.:)


    1. Hey honey! Thank you so much! I'll take a look at your blog right now!
      Love, Lory xxxx

  3. Thank you for enjoying on my blog and for leaving a coment =) it means a lot to me. I started following you. Follow back?
    Oh! I love your blog! I find so inspirating

    1. Thank you so much sweetheart, it means a lot to me too! Sure I follow back!
      Love, Lory xxxx

  4. Nice blog :)
    I am following you :) Please follow me :)

  5. That's so sweet of you! I'm very very flattered!!

    :-* :-*

  6. Hi sweety!! I've just discovered your blog and i like it very much!!
    Great post!!
    Tell me about my new post in the water:

    1. Hey there honey! Thank you so much!
      Sure I'll do! xxxx

  7. nice blog...I have just found ...good writing



  8. Hi Lory, congrats on your award. It is always nice to know a little about the blogger. thanks for sharing.


    1. hey sam :) thank you dear! Yes it definitely is :)


  9. Fabulous post! I love it:) I'm definitely thinking that your blog is always more cute!

  10. Thank you so much for nominating us! This is quite exciting! :)
    Post will be on the blog soon!

    1. Awwwh it was a pleasure dear! Looking forward to your post! xxx

  11. Liebe Lory! Ganz herzlichen Glückwunsch, den hast Du Dir aber auch redlich verdient <3 And many thanks for your really interesting answers - you´re a very wise woman although you´re only 17 years old <3

    Ich mag Dich und Deinen Blog sehr, gerade weil Du so viel und so schön schreibst! Glücklicherweise macht mir das kalte Wetter nicht so viel aus wie Dir, aber als Italienerin hast Du natürlich ganz andere Ansprüche ans Wetter als ich bayerische Landesbewohnerin ...

    Wish you further many luck with your blog and I´m waiting urgently for your next post!

    Big hugs from Bavaria, Rena

    1. Hey Rena! Danke vieeeel mal! <3
      It is always a pleasure for me to read your blog, and your texts give me always something to laugh and to think about! I love commenting them :)

      Und ich danke Dir auch für deine Kommentare, sie sind immer so herzlich geschrieben! Ich mag Dich und Deinen Blog auch wirklich sehr!

      Kisses from Zurich, Lory xxx

  12. really like posts like these!
    lovely blog :-)
    M&B x

  13. Thanks a ton for my 101th follower..... love you lodes.... :)

    keep in touch...

  14. Congratulations! I wishing you even more success.

    Stardust Stain Blog

    Lots of love,

  15. You have an awesome blog, can we follow each other on BLOGLOVIN? and If you dicided to follow me , please let me know so I can follow you back!

  16. congratulations for been nominated.
    this is a great post. check out our blog, if you like we can follow each other on gfc &bloglovin. let us know.
    kisses from kenya

  17. Congrats on your award! It is really nice to get to know you a little better through your answers!


    1. Thank you so much! This is exactly what I also think! xx

  18. Hi dear, thank you for following me, I follow you back on GF and BLOGLOVIN, congratulation for the award! xoxo

    1. Hey sweetheart! Thanks a lot, it means so much to me! xoxo

  19. Congratulations 4 your award!!!

    New post on the blog:

  20. I'm currently reading the same book as you and you're right, that book is absolutely brilliant! haha :D

  21. Aw, congratulations! I followed your blog, follow back? :)

  22. thank you for the nomination and it did make me smile. unfortunately i was still revising for my finals hence the late reply to you. and congrat for you get the nomination as well i simply love your blog.

    Issie xox

    1. Thank you so much dear, good luck with your finals!
      Love, Lory xoxo

  23. Gteat blog. We shoukd follow each other by bloglovin let me know.


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